February 4, 2009

huff, puff, giggle

My workouts are definitely the least vintage part of my day. I put on my track pants, USMC sweatshirt, and running shoes, plug in my iPod, and go to town on my electronic treadmill (with all the bells and whistles). ::shrugs:: I'll get vintage about my workouts soon enough. But what did the vintage lady wear to workout? Hmm...

Anyways, I was really chugging along this morning. I've been trying to get myself up to one mile in fifteen minutes. And I'm getting there too! Day one I only did about .60 miles. Day two I think I did .65. But day three I got up to .80 and today I managed .90! Go me! I'm realizing the completion of my goal is going to require me to jog my little tush off (I can't full out run because I battle with asthma). Today I think I ran about seven minutes of my fifteen. I have a couple songs that I love to run to:
-Cotton Eyed Joe, by Rednex
-Burning Love, by Elvis Presley ::dreamy sigh::
-Shake It, by Metro Station
-My Boyfriend's Back, by The Angels
-Proud Mary, by Tina Turner (and not when she was with Ike!)

And it's this last song that brings me to the giggle part of my post. Now before I begin, if you've never seen Tina Turner perform "Proud Mary" watch the video real quick (sorry it's not the best quality--YouTube was really disappointing for this). You can fast foreword to 4:30, and that's when you'll see her signature move.

On our wedding day, Hubbs and I had a live band and supplemented their songs with an iPod (because let's face it, sometimes the original artist is just better). "Proud Mary" was one of those songs I wanted played on the iPod, and what ensued was a memory so wonderful, I burst into a fit of giggles every time I hear the song:

Oh yes, we're doing The Tina Turner. It was one of those memories that will last forever.

I'll have a Look Book Look later this morning, but right now my new tea is calling my name. Blueberry pomegranate white tea and toast. Yum! It's all slowly paying off for me: I'm down 3.8 pounds. I want to drop about ten pounds total, so only 6.2 more to go!

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  1. Anonymous2/04/2009

    Vintage ladies, I'm sure, did not jog with iPods. How boring!


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