February 4, 2009

outfit: mean green

Okay, so techinically this is my "uniform" and I won't wear it out, but isn't it cute? I can't tell you how happy I was to find Playtex washing gloves in pink! Such a nice change from the standard yellow. So yes, I'm thinking that this is going to start being my standard garb unless I'm going out into town. But at least if there was a fire, I could run outside and still look smashing for the evening news! ;0)

Green polka dot dress from The Gap Kids (yes, a child's dress!), Linen flats from The Gap, Multi-colored apron from my grandmother (closet thrifted), fabulous pink Playtex washing gloves.

Now, if you'll excuse me, The King is singing my song and I have dishes to do! "Just a hunka hunka burnin' love..." ::swoon:: He's so dreamy.


  1. Ha-ha I would! You know me I have always been a little daring when it comes to fashion! I love it! So cute!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "uniform"!!

    Why do we assume that we must wear the worst clothes possible to do housework? It's not like I'm digging ditches or mucking out the barn LOL!

    Just curious: Are you wearing nylons, too? It's too cold here to wear such summery stuff. I'me currently wearing 3 layers. It's EIGHT degrees outside. It's also only 60 degrees in the house!


  3. Roxanne, I'm actually not wearing hose here. I only have one garter belt and the stupid thing is sooo much more hassle than it's worth. I only use it for special occassions (like Hubbs's promotion). Once I get a decent belt, they might become a more standard accessory.


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