February 10, 2009

need opinions on this outfit

Okay, so I've been trying to figure out if I can pull off high waist outfits. I'm pretty short (five feet two inches). I think I'm pretty hour-glass shaped, so I don't have a super long torso or legs. Be honest and tell me what you think of the high waist skirt--if it doesn't look right, it's okay, I can always wear my shirts on the outside and not tucked in.

Pink furry hoodie by Chroma Sport, white cami from Victoria's Secret, black and white houndstooth skirt from JC Penny, black slouch boots by Mossimo, pink drop necklace from Target.

I also did a messy pin up of my hair with a couple of (what I like to think of as) faux victory rolls. My hair is slowly growing out so some styles are still a little difficult to work with (I have too many layers in my hair). Right now I have about three or four go-to styles and hopefully once it's fixed I can broaden that.

So, yey or ney regarding high waists on me?


  1. Anonymous2/10/2009

    Honest opinion, ney. You need a longer torso to pull this off. Sorry. :(

  2. I say "yay" to high waists, but "nay" to the length of that skirt. I think higher waistlines call for shorter hemlines - otherwise your proportions can look weird and grandma-y.

  3. Anonymous2/10/2009

    I agree with GnomeSweetGnome. A shorter length skirt would help even out the look. This is "kamikat" from Fedora Lounge!

  4. Anonymous: No need for apologies! That's why I asked!

    Gnome: What about pants? Think I could pull those off? Those don't exactly have a "shorter" hemline.

    Kamikat: Thanks for dropping by! I love have FL-ers visit my blog! :0)

  5. I think high waist is a yea. I think the skirt should be a little shorter or if you like the lenght not paired with slouchy boots. I also think this waist could even set a little higher, but needs to be a little tighter. Proper fit does ALOT for an outfit, even if you have to use a descreet safety pin somewhere to pull it in, it'd be flattering as you seem to have a nice trim waist. That's my two cents, but I also wear a girdle and sometimes a merry widow, so that'd also hold you in nice and tight in the middle too!

  6. hello kitten i say yea...on the skirt and it needs to be shorter...now the pink fuzzy hoody...no way kitten try it with a sweet black cap sleeve butten up shirt tucked in with a vintage silk scarf tied in a messy bow at neck...messy pincurls,red lips and honey you'll have a revamped 40's look to ya...adorable skirt...love the hair...cat

  7. 50s Gal: I keep forgetting about girdles, but what's a merry widow?

    Cat: I LOVE the way that sounds! I'll bet the shirt I wore today would have looked cute with it! I'll so have to try that idea! Thanks doll!

    So it seems (for the most part) high waists are good, but the hemline needs to be shorter. So we'll go back to the drawing board and see if I can find something!

  8. a merry widow is the 1950's version of the corset and really needed for some of the high fashion new look Dior styles. It is, in essence, a waist cincher often involving a built in bra or not. It usually laces but often has pulls with buckes. It is way more comfortable than a 19th century corset (if you have ever worn one, which I have). Look up some of the old DIOR early 50's new look photos and u will see the tight little wasp waists.


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