February 9, 2009

i've realized i'm lazy

I am lazy in my shopping.

I admire my blog idols who are constantly finding amazing things in thrift shops and can put together an outfit from the most meager pieces of fabric and their magical sewing machine (the most I can do is mend a hem, by hand, and patch up a little hole here and there). But this morning while pouring my tea, I realized the blue shift dress from Etsy is my first vintage clothing purchase. Ever!

I'd rather pop online to a store like Forever 21, go straight to the cardigan section, and find the exact thing I'm looking for rather than hunting Etsy and eBay for it. Especially eBay. While I have to credit eBay for being my supplier for most of the items I bought for our wedding (all of which were purchased from the Great Britain areas), I don't want to stare longingly at an item, dream about it for a week and be outbid because I don't want to pay $75 for a blouse! ::huff:: Let's not get me going on that tangent.

Etsy has been much better to me, and I'm starting to get the hang of searching for the things I want. Once I learned to mark shops as my favorites it's been even easier to pop in and see what they're carrying. Although once in a while I still have to search through hundreds of pages for possible matches, the first 30 of which are sewing patterns for what I'm looking for (maybe this ought to tell me something!).

In the mean time, here's what I'm crushing on: some vintage, some hand made, some store-bought.

Adorable polka-dot bra and briefs (with attached garters) from Cameo Intimates.

I'd love another little something from Boring Sydney, but at $255 this hat is a wee bit out of my price range.

My Lavaliere has more than a few items I'd love to scoop up!

And my BFF Stephanie has me cursing the value of an American dollar as I drool over items on Rumble 59, especially these dungarees and Capri's.

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