February 24, 2009

the one that started it all

Ever wonder what got someone going on their vintage kick? Sometimes it was a project; sometimes it was just a continuing love from their childhood; sometimes a significant other got them started. And yet, for some of us, it was a song.

Pre-married days I used to wake up early on Sunday mornings and turn on the Turner Classic Movies channel and watch whatever was on. Even if I came in the middle of the show, I'd still watch it through to the end, making sure to flip to the TV Guide Channel to find out the name of the movie (that way in case I liked it, I might one day add it to my collection). I discovered many wonderful and classic movies this way. To date, one such favorite was Bundle of Joy with Debbie Reynolds, or another movie of hers Susan Slept Here. But before those (and even before I started watching Singing in the Rain on repeat) there was only...

Meet Me in Saint Louis.

I loved this movie and yet I only managed to come across it when it was near the end. But I loved Judy Garland singing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" in that husky voice of hers; I loved watching her cry as John proposed to her under those icy white trees. I never did get to watch it all the way through and it kind of dropped off my radar. That is, until Miss Carrie Bradshaw received it as a gift on the Sex and the City movie. Hubbs immediately added it to our Nextflix list and I was finally able to watch it from start to finish (three times, if truth be told).

Now, there are some aspects of the movie that never did sit right with me (like, why is Tootie so obsessed with death? and why wasn't she punished for claiming John had tried to kill her?) but if you can ignore/get past those parts, it really is a beautiful movie. And it's what really started my interest into the world of vintage. It had been there forever, but for some reason, this film jump started it. And more specifically this part:

Don't ask me why, I know not. But I sang "Under the Bamboo Tree" for days after watching this movie. It led me to download it off of iTunes, along with "The Trolley Song," and from there it was only a matter of time before Hubbs was buying me my own copy of all those vintage movies I'd seen on TCM and I was copying the hair, make-up, and fashion of some of my favorite stars.

Perhaps I should rethink the name of my web page when it comes time to renew?


  1. Love this post! And YES! Rethink the name of the blog based on what you talked about on this post... so fun!!! Some of my favorite vintage flicks include: The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Houseboat, The Ten Commandments, and White Christmas... have you seen any of those? :) xoxox <3 Üdo

  2. Oh I used to LOVE The Ten Commandments when I was little! I used to watch it over and over again--I actually wore out the VHS (!!!) and my grandparents had to buy new ones.

    I'm going to attempt to get Hubbs to watch a bunch of vintage movies with me this Christmas since we should be stablized (hopefully no moving again). So I'll add White Christmas to the list!


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